Nemesis defeated

A few months ago, I mentioned the difficulty that we’ve had uncovering a specific geocache. Well, last night we finally defeated the dreaded Dam the Cayuga Cache. Maybe it was that we both had reached our 50 cache milestones. Maybe it was that we were carrying the Lighthouse Nickel Travel Bug with us, and we happened to be right next to a lighthouse. Maybe it was just dumb luck. Regardless, it was our third cache of the night, and we nailed it. The trick to finding the first leg of this cache (without giving away the answer) is to think disjointedly. Sometimes the answer is spread out a bit, which can throw you off if you have it in your head that you’re looking the whole package. 😉

Como Lake Park Lighthouse

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  1. I forgot to mention when I posted this that one of the great things about geocaching is discovering new things in old places. I must have been in Como Park hundreds of times while I was growing up, and while tackling this 5-leg cache, I saw some areas that I never had before.

  2. Derek,
    I just had a blast reading through your blog.
    It looks like we have way more in common than the geocaching addiction, like web design.
    Maybe we will meet up at the Letchworth fall gathering or the Christmas in the Country craft show at the Erie fairgrounds.

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