Tastes great, very filling

Amanda and I jaunted downtown to the Taste of Buffalo, as many other bloggers seem to have. I have to disagree with Geek on the Fried Asiago Stuffed Olives w/ Zesty Marinara from Orazios. Frankly, neither of us thought there was much olive in them. However, the Pasta con Vodka was excellent, even if it has generated a bit of a humorous buzz in the fact that a con vodka dish was winner of the children’s choice award. We were also completely unimpressed with the pulled pork from Fat Bob’s Smokehouse, so I guess we should have tried the Mac & Cheese or the award-winning ribs. I particularly liked the Rice Ball from Filippo’s (this year’s Best Overall Food winner) and the couple of spoonfuls of Center St. Smokehouse’s She Crab Soup that I could wrestle away from Amanda. North Buffalo Journal & Review managed to spend $40 on himself, but the two of us were stuffed on $40 combined. 🙂

We took advantage of the mini-tours of City Hall and got to meet Amy Maxwell up in the Council’s Chambers. It was a nice side trip to let the food digest for awhile and get out of the sun, and get a closer look at Buffalo’s “#1” Art Deco building. 😉 Actually, it was cool that they mentioned the Terminal several times during the tour as being another great example of Art Deco architecture in Buffalo, and we didn’t have to prompt them at all. 🙂

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