Punaro Glen Construction: End of September

Let’s start off with a video of the foundation wall forms set in place before the concrete was poured…

That also saves me a lot of typing!

After this, they do exactly what you expect – fill with concrete, like so…

Forms filled with concrete
More filled forms…
Garage foundation forms
How they block out the forms for garage doors

Then a few days later, the forms come off and all you have left is… foundation!

Foundation walls
Garage foundation

Once this was done, the last thing we need to close on the construction loan was an updated survey showing the location of the house. This should have been a quick and easy thing for the original surveyor to come and do, but, well, the company we were dealing with was not very good and despite being told multiple times they were going to do, it was only after firing them and then still being given one last chance did it get done. That wasted almost two weeks. So now that everything is in the bank’s hands, we are waiting for them to send their inspector out so we can schedule closing.

In the meantime, the builder will be working on waterproofing, drain tile, and backfilling the foundation. Framing should start in about another week!

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