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The Central Terminal buffalo, transplanted

Courtesy of Caffeinated Gonzo, this buffalo, located at the University of Buffalo north campus, is a recast of the plaster-cast bronze painted buffalo that was located at the Central Terminal. When UB was looking to have a statue made for the campus, they did some historical research and found the original molds used to cast the Terminal’s buffalo were still in existence.

The Central Terminal Buffalo recast at University of Buffalo

The Terminal’s buffalo was the second to grace the steps of the concourse. The original, nicknamed “Stuffy”, was a actual taxidermied bison that was an advertisement for the Buffalo Museum of Science. Soldiers leaving for war used to pluck hairs from it for good luck, and it was removed from the building after it started to look ratty. The Museum still has Stuffy, and loaned it to the CTRC for the 2004 season.

The plaster buffalo was destroyed after a truck backed into the pedestal it sat on and knocked it over during the period when the building was being stripped. It’s memory lives on at UB.

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  1. Doubtful. Extremely doubtful. 😉 At our bigger events, I end up telling the story at least 20 times to people that remember the buffalo during the Terminal’s heydays.

  2. I’m thinking we need a tape loop, answering that question and “what’s the plan for the building?” and “where’s the clock?”….

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