Punaro Glen Construction: Mid June

We’re almost ready to sign the contract. It would have been done on Friday, but a few last minute tweaks and adjustments in the cost worksheet pushed us off until early next week. Our lawyer already reviewed the contract and provided their addendums. Once everything is signed then it’s off to the bank to see what the best deal is we can get.

And the mortgage rates are continuing to drop. We’ve been seeing as low as 3.75% on a 30 year mortgage, which is kind of crazy. I think our first house was in the 8s and our last one was in the 6s. That said, we’re already stretching our budget to build this house so I’m not inclined to borrow more just because it’s “cheap money”. We still need to be able to make the payments.

We also have video! You can head over to our YouTube channel Punaro Family Adventures for some video updates. The quality is guaranteed to be mediocre at best and we will do our best to ensure that YouTube never sees enough value to give us any money. There will be lots of trees though. So. Many. Trees.

Check it out!

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