The 2014 Christmas Card

Happy holidays to everyone!  2014 was a family and fun-filled year.  Amanda’s parents took the whole family on a trip to the Outer Banks (counterclockwise from top left – photos 1, 5, & 6).  We made a quick stop in Lancaster, PA and Hershey on the way home (photo 8).  My sister (photo 2) and my brother (photo 3) both got married, and the latter got us to Las Vegas for the first time.  There was the annual Watkins Glen camping trip (photos 4 & 7) and my parents like to drive down and hike the gorge with us.  We also squeezed in a fall trip to Letchworth (center) between all the school activities, dancing, Girl Scouts, and other stuff that keeps us busy.

Christmas Card 2014

Happy holidays from us, and have a great 2015!

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