So here’s my evening:

Put water on ‘dribble’ for the cat to drink from in the upstairs bathroom sink. Got the Dolly her milk and went into our room to sit in the big rocking chair and read as we do every night. We got caught up reading stories, more than we usually do, but she was going to bed early and so I figured it was ok.

After our stories, we always go to brush teeth, but when I walked into the bathroom the sink was completely filled with water, and had been overflowing for only God knows how long. The rug was soaked, there was water under the sink, there was a pool around the toilet, and I was afraid to look downstairs in the kitchen.

When Derek came upstairs, he was furious. Rightfully so. When I put the water on for the cat, I didn’t put the lights on because the Dolly was all ready in the chair waiting for me so I wanted to get in there. I didn’t realize that she had closed the drain while she was in there before.

Thankfully, I don’t think any major damage was done. I feel awful and Derek is pissed. We don’t argue much and it hurts when we are angry. Plus then, with all the excitement, Ariella did not want to stay in bed and try to go to sleep. So she was screaming in her bed because she had to go to bed.

I’m sure Derek will want to weigh in here too. Sorry, Sweetie.

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