Since I have not found the time to go through all 1000 of my Europe photos and process them, I’ve decided to try and break it down into manageable chunks – namely one photo at a time. I’m going to try and post a shot a day until I’ve forced myself to get through all of them. I’ll filter out the crap, so I won’t end up posting all of them.

Starting chronologically, here’s what you see waiting in line for Continental Airlines to screw you over after having driven from Buffalo to Newark because one bout of fog set back their schedule by 3 days. Continental became the first airline to really piss me off.


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  1. I wouldn’t dare fly Continental between Newark and Buffalo because of that time one of them fell down in my neighborhood. So, I’d have driven just for that reason.

  2. My BUF>EWR flight was a Colgan too. It probably wasn’t such a bad thing after all. It did cause me to miss a full day of R&R in Madrid, though.

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