It’s 8am on a Saturday

… and I’m up voluntarily. I realized this may be one of the last times that I am up voluntarily on a Saturday for 15 years or so. We’re in the home stretch of baby brewing time – 7 weeks to go. It’s not enough time! Not because we aren’t “ready” but because we have so many things on our project list we wanted to get done before the baby come that are still not crossed off.

We have a section of roof that needs replacement.

Our shed needs a new roof and other general repairs.

Painting our downstairs bathroom became a mini-nightmare project when we found out the wallpaper was applied directly on the untreated drywall.

My deck still needs powerwashing and painting.

And it won’t stop raining meaning my lawn is trying it’s damnedest to revert to it’s forest roots (pun intended).

Of course, none of these things are critical to have done before the baby arrives. The nursery is ready, the crib is waiting, and we have enough receiving blankets to sew together and make a parachute. It’s just that I know after the baby comes it’s going to be much, much harder to complete any of these.

I expect that will be because of the extreme cuteness factor and not wanting to put the camera down for more than 5 minutes at a time.

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