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That’s not right

Man, I love Rock Band, but come on – I paid about $200 for my REAL Stratocaster!

They’re exactly what you think they are: actual Fender Squire axes turned into Rock Band 2 controllers, with the size, heft, and weight you’d expect from dad’s electric guitar. Of special note was the Precision Bass controller, which has a dual flipper and thumb rest to allow fast pickers to do their thing Entwistle-style. They are also wireless, will come with a foot pedal for overdrive, and the guitar controller will have a whammy bar, of course. Unfortunately, Mad Katz didn’t add the optical sensor for display calibration, but we’ll forgive them for now. Look for these for $199 in Q1 2009 for both Xbox 360 and PS3.

Excuse me – Dad’s electric guitar? Not quite yet.

via Engadget

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