100 geocaches

This was the first time this year we really got out for a geocaching adventure. We hadn’t yet made the time to even find the caches hidden near our house, so that was our mission today. We found our first one quickly, couldn’t find our second attempt, and then found six in a row.

Included in those seven finds was my 100th geocache. It may sound like a lot, but dedicated geocachers can find that many in a month. We enjoy geocaching, but we prefer to play the game when the mood strikes. Some people feel compelled to try and find a cache whenever they pass near one. With the massive number of caches that exist out there, we’d never get anywhere on time!

Anyways, 100 geocaches found is still a milestone! I still think that a GPS is an excellent purchase because of it’s versatility. It’s great for finding the nearest restaurant, not getting lost on road trips, saving gas by finding the shortest route home, and even to play this little game called geocaching, which takes you to all sorts of little niches out there you would otherwise never see.

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  1. I only have 90. When Derek goes on trips he finds some that I’ll never get to. Only ten more to go!! Now I’m excited about reaching 100!! Didn’t think I was this close! 🙂

  2. I too just started this caching game in July 2008. Congrats on 100! A good milestone, and yes there are those that have the “Olympian” viewpoint and create “top notch” teams.

    I just like to get to those areas I would have never of seen or known about. Right now I am nearing the next milestone of 200, currently at 197. Been noticing some folk still brave the elements for a FTF, (I know the terrain, after all I have a cache hidden close by the one they found! in 1.5 feet of snow)

    I have been off from work for the Holiday Break ( Lucky enough to work at a school!) Cabin fever has struck me hard. Been searching on Caching tips in the snow, and looking for some motivation. After all do I really want to trudge through 1.5 ft of snow with 18 degree winds? Nope, but really do not want to become that couch potato again either… Took me a few to figure out how to turn on the ol PSP Wii,, then one day later am tired of playing it!

    So I am not hanging up the GPS’r till Spring, call it cabin fever, thank-you for the article and additional motivation to hit the snow covered trails!

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