RIT Corner Crew

Since Derek is a member of the “Crew” (I’ll let one of them explain in a comment what exactly that is), he thinks it would be fun to help me out in the delivery room with some of their more famous chants. I’m not entirely opposed to this, as I want to laugh as much as possible during labor. (I’m thinking this might help it all along quicker. A girl can hope, right?) We were even thinking to borrow the bell so when baby pops out, Derek can ring it. “One! WE WANT TWO!!” But then I’d have to kick someone in the head, cause there is only one baby in there. 🙂

So this is a general shout out to the Corner Crew to post any and all chants/cheers you might think appropriate for the delivery of a baby. Derek has expressed interest in the “Geek Chant” and “Wheaties” as well as the opposing team Goalie heckle for that last long push…. “Skate, skate, skate skate, skate….stand, stand, stand……..SQUAT…..BABY!!” (The baby part is obviously added for our own purposes here.)

What fun we are…..this kid’s in trouble! 🙂

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