Power back on!

The power came back on in my area of Hamburg (McKinley Mall area) at 7:00pm. Hopefully the same is happening for others as well.

Our power went off about 11pm last night. Between the eerie silence, the sound of tree after tree snapping and falling, and the bizzare blue lightning, it was one of the most surreal nights I think I’ve ever experienced. Amanda was still in Delaware for work, so it was just me and the cat.

We were very lucky damage-wise. Several tree branches down in the yard, but nothing came close to the house. There were two trees across the street, one on either side of my house, but the neighbors made quick work of them this morning. They were also wheeling a generator up and down the street all day, letting each house run their sump pump for awhile, which was really kind of them. I don’t have a basement or sump pump, so I didn’t have to worry about that issue.

Amanda opted to stay in Delaware overnight and I’ll be picking her up at the airport tomorrow morning. Unfortunately, she has the camera, so I wasn’t able to get any photos, other than a few with my Treo.

Hope everyone is staying warm!

Update: photo
Snow and fallen tree

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  1. Power? You mean electricity? Mine went out Thursday evening at 7pm and I’m not holding my breath waiting for it to come back on. I packed up my PC and my camera and headed to a friends place just off Kenmore Ave with electricity. It is really bizzare, everything else around has no power except a few small side streets in this immediate area. On the bright side, it was fun violating the driving ban to look for good photo ops.

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