Summer mode initiated

It’s been six years since I’ve been out of school, and longer than that since I’ve had a summer vacation, so the only thing that somewhat delineates the summer period for me is the break our church choir takes for a few months. Our last choir mass was yesterday, so until sometime in September I have the option of lazy Sunday mornings again.

Summer means more opportunities to work around the house. With the completion of the patio, there’s quite a bit of landscaping that needs to be done before our annual 4th of July party. I spent the rainy weekend painting the interior of our sunroom, eliminating the last traces of the ugly dark brown color that cladded the house in it’s previous life. There are still plenty of painting and dirt-hauling projects left on the list, though. At some point we get sick of all the work and take advantage of the better weather for camping, biking, and more frequent geocaching. Otherwise, summer just seems like a big long work period.

One other thing marks the beginning of summer – the annual removal of the snow brush from my car. I did that yesterday. Summer must be here!

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  1. I currently have a project list about a mile long…owning a home (especially a 100 year old city home) is a lot of work. I think my neighbor and I have agreed to split the cost on hiring an illegal immigrant to take care of our project lists. Hey, it’s either that or buy a condo.

  2. Hey Geek, those 50 year old hamburg ranches (like mine) have a list only half a mile long. Those lists are rather Hydra-like, though. So in about fifty years I’ll probably catch up with ya!

    Seriously, it never ends. I have to schedule time for the yardwork and interior projects…having 2 kids at home can really make you wonder where the time went.

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