All quiet on the Punaro front

Haven’t had much to post lately. Amanda and I had a fabulous combined birthday celebration on Saturday. This year I asked everyone to just gift me cash, as what I really wanted to get was a lighting setup for my camera. Need the right gear to take photos of the baby! When it all arrives I’ll be sure to post details.

Trying to keep up with the list of home improvement projects that I’d like to get done before the baby arrives as well, but since the list keeps growing it’s difficult.

Work is just draining, as we’re way understaffed for the amount of people we’re supporting and everyone is juggling too many “top” priorities to get anything done efficiently.

Today, I woke up with the same headache I went to sleep with, which was once again contact lenses induced. Sometimes they just don’t work and I don’t switch back to my glasses fast enough before the headache sets in. Not fun.

That’s the five-minute update.

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  1. I showed your site to Norma, since she hasn’t met you yet. Saw this post. Do you have the kind of contacts that you throw out every night? I do and I hardly ever have problems with them anymore. I used to have the kind you wear for two weeks and then throw out, and by about day two they were killing me!

    Happy belated to both you and Amanda!


  2. No, I have the long term kind because I have an astigmatism in one eye. I actually wear a different brand of contact in each eye.

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