Oktoberfest good, Blogtoberfest bad

Oktoberfest at the Terminal went pretty darn well this year! Our biggest problem was that while we had more tables than in the past, we didn’t have more chairs to go with them, so some people were complaining about the lack of seating. However, this year we didn’t run out of food or beer and were able to keep all the lines to a minimum, making for a more pleasant experience overall. Much, much thanks to all the volunteers who helped out, especially those who stayed beyond their shift. We can’t do these events without your help.

Blogtoberfest, on the other hand, had a pretty piss poor showing. Other than Mike Miller and Michele Johnson, who are Terminal regulars, WNYMedia.net had no representation. Michele even made the effort to come after her mother’s wedding the same day. I had a few chats with Mike Rebmann and a nice conversation with Ms. The 716 (check out her post about her upcoming first photo exhibit) but that was the extent of the bloggercon regulars. In fact, the best showing was made by a group of e:strip folks. I spent some time talking to e:dragonlady7 about how e:strip is really it’s own community, and likely why it doesn’t get much cross-linking from the rest of the Buffalo blogosphere, and even introduced myself to e:Paul, who while meek and mild in person, predictably lambasted everything about the event in his post today. Regardless, I give them credit for actually coming out. A group of bloggers who e-vocally dislike the Terminal showed up the folks who are avid supporters of it, all in an effort to meet their e-peers. Let’s make sure we don’t publicize any more of these events without a designated coordinator and a concerted effort to get people to it.

Regardless, the event was another success for the CTRC, celebrating it’s 10th year of existence. Regardless of what you might read at certain blogs, the Terminal has come an awfully long way in ten years, from a grand mess to a unique event venue that continues to draw more and more people each year. Excelsior!

4 thoughts on “Oktoberfest good, Blogtoberfest bad”

  1. It was great seeing you both, Everytime I step into the Terminal it looks better and better and it is because of all of you CTRC members/volunteers.. I am always thoroughly impressed!

  2. Wish I could have made it…had another party to go to and was my daughter’s homecoming dance with her new boyfriend…had to meet his family…how were the beer wenches?

  3. Unfortunately I work on the weekends. Do the Buffalo bloggers ever have another meetup that doesn’t involve the central terminal? I know the Buffalo flickr group picks different places to meet up.

  4. This was only the second blogger event to be held at the Terminal. The other four “official” bloggercons were held at other locations.

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