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  1. I noticed a little graffiti in the hole there as well. The same thing happened to the large Ford plant building on Route 5 a few months ago. I think it was wind, and it took a while for that to get fixed.

  2. There is graffitti in the hole. I wasn’t sure if the hole was created by hooligans to show off their work, or if the hole was created by workers or wind and just exposed existing graffitti.

  3. I’ve been trying to take a closer look as I drive by and my guess is that someone got into the building, got up there on the inside, spray painted the concrete block wall which looks to be very close to the exterior metal panel wall, and then knocked the panel out. I’ll try to get better pictures.

  4. I gotta give you credit for being able to take this photo while driving on the Skyway. Do you think this is some elaborate work of a graffitti artist? Maybe…

  5. You guys make it sound so difficult. I just held my phone up to the window, clicked, and got the shot I got. It’s not like I was looking through a viewfinder, focusing, selecting the proper shutter, aperture, and ISO speed settings, and then taking the shot. Traffic was slow anyways because it was exiting.

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