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Not everyone is taking it seriously

Thank God some people over at Buffalo Rising see through Tielman Park for what it is:

This project can be just like the part of Main Street with out cars except… in the sky. Brilliant?

Didn’t they have that look at the Embarcadero in SanFran when they stopped the building the elevated expressway. I don’t remember it being a big tourist attraction. In fact it was considered an eyesore.

Come On! This is getting dumber and dumber by the minute. Does Tim really think that people are going to walk up 9 flights of stairs to go on a windy bridge? Seriously, is he that out of touch on this idea or can he not let it go?

ahh, i could see this place becoming buffalo’s version of the golden gate bridge.


‘buffalo is so depressing…..ahhhhhhhh…..splat’

By any chance was this article sitting in a folder labeled “post on April 1”? If it wasn’t, it should’ve been.

It’s hard to imagine a more dangerous set of circumstances than this monstrosity. Parks have a tendency to be magnets for crime during the evening hours. Why? because they’re typically large and isolated from where other peopl emight be passing. If there’s no through road running through the park at night, there’s no reason for anyone but criminals to be congregating there.

This idiotic idea takes it the next step by further isolating it 6 stories into the air. I promise that this park would quickly devolve into an area that no respectible person would ever want to visit. I don’t understand how members of this website who seem so eager to name drop Jane Jacobs can lose all frame of reference at the site of some fancy renderings. Isolation = danger. Park = isolation; elavated park = hyper isolation. This is the worst idea in a history of bad ideas

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