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What if companies sponsored roads, like the “HSBC I-190”? Then, let’s say they made all the exits that would lead you to a nearby HSBC branch 4 lanes wide, always freshly paved, and if you exit there, a nice gentleman in a tux would hand you a cup of coffee while you wait for the light to change. Any exit that might drop you off closer to the Bank of America (where your account is at) might be one lane, in constant disrepair, and have traffic cones forcing you to weave dangerously close to the jersey barriers causing frequent backups. Sounds pretty improbable, huh? Amazingly, this is what Congress is considering allowing the Internet to become – letting the people who own the roads control where you get dropped off, or at least making it more difficult for you to get where you want to go.

The debate is over the topic of Net Neutrality, and it’s not an issue that many are familiar with. Hop over to BuffaloGeek’s site for more details, and then be sure to let your Congresspersons know that roads on the Internet should take you where YOU want to go, not leave those decisions in the hands of telcos and their dealmakers.

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