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Oh, Eliot

Dear Governor Spitzer,

I’m not going to spend much time on this letter, because I’m fairly certain you’re not going to understand it anyways. It’s hard to teach an old Democrat new concepts, like economics. I read through your State of Upstate address and boy was I impressed. It’s astounding how someone who spent so much time suing on Wall Street knows so little about money. I know you’ve only been in the Governor’s office for a year, so it’s possible you didn’t have the chance yet to learn much about money and government, so here’s a primer:

  1. Government does not have it’s own money. Government’s money comes from the people.
  2. New York’s people are paying the government too much money. That’s why the state of upstate sucks.
  3. Giving the government another BILLION dollars to fix #2 does not fix #2. It makes more #2. Which stinks.

If the best you can come up with to fix upstate is a farmer’s market in New York City, we’re fucked. Please, don’t do anything. Regardless of what many people thought, it appears that you actually can make things worse.


Derek J. Punaro

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  1. About the only things that Eliot has managed to do consistently are increasing government employment. He talks about decreasing taxes yet doesn’t count raising business taxes and other fees. I have absolutely no faith that Spitzer will ever make a good economic decision.

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