East Aurora Coop Capital Campaign

I’ve been a bit lax in posting updates here (as per usual) however most know from other social media sources that I was elected to the EA Coop Board of Directors earlier this year.  The Coop is now in the middle of it’s most important venture – the capital campaign to raise the necessary funds to begin construction, hire a GM, and get the market open!

I could spend a lot of time talking about how capital campaigns work, but our marketing team came up with this fantastic infographic that explains it all very simply:

EA Coop Capital Campaign Explained

We are asking all member-owners to consider participating in this effort!  Remember, this is not a donation – you are making a loan to the coop which will be repaid per the terms specified in the prospectus.

If you are not a member-owner consider joining today!  Member-owners have a voice in the market’s offerings and future direction and are vital to it’s success.  If you are not able to participate in the capital campaign due to the $1000 minimum contribution, but are a single member-owner household, you can consider having each adult sign up for their own membership (a one-time $200 fee).  Each person will then get their own vote when member votes occur, and you’re providing the coop additional operating funds and helping us to reach our goal of 1200 member-owners before the doors open in 2015!  However you are able to help, it will be greatly appreciated.  A “cooperative” doesn’t exist without the dedication and commitment provided by its member-owners!  This is your market!

Offering by Prospectus only to bona fide residents of New York State. NY # I14-6754.

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