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The Day I Said ‘Yes’

It was nine years ago today, Easter Sunday 2002. Derek came over very early in the morning, he was singing with us at Nativity of Our Lord’s Choir by then and we were still singing the morning Mass at that time. He brought with him a huge Easter basket with him, filled with plastic eggs and a big yellow bunny.

He sat me down and asked me to open the eggs to find the candy inside. I opened a few and then stopped, but he made me continue telling me there were different candies in each egg. There were at least 30 eggs in the basket.

I kept opening them to find jelly beans, chocolates and malt balls. All the while I was thinking – this is silly, why am I opening all these eggs? Then, I got to the last egg. It was yellow and all the way on the bottom of the basket. I felt relieved, no more eggs to open!! I was extremely surprised when I opened it and found not candy but a DIAMOND ring nested in Easter grass. When I looked over at Derek, he was all ready on one knee in front of me.

The next day I went out with friends and bought my Wedding Dress, had a few halls contacted and had the church on hold. I can’t believe nine years has come and gone since that day. Derek made me the happiest I can remember being on that day and every day since.

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