The Journey Begins

So on Saturday I received my 6 bumGenius one size pocket diapers! YAY! I took them all apart and looked them over, read and re-read all the instructions sent to me by growinggreenBums and was ready to get these things in use! But first I had to get the detergent to wash them with. I only had Gain at home, and this is not good for the diapers with all the additives and fragrances I want on my other clothes.

My rainbow cloth diaper connection
My rainbow cloth diaper connection

Quite honestly, I only had time to look in Target for detergent, and they didn’t have anything on the approved list I had with me. So on the advice of a few friends, I went with Purex Free and Clear. I’m probably breaking all the rules here, but I’m going to try it out and see if any problems come up.

I made sure I had my extra rinse cycle on and washed them per the instructions, had to dry them in the dryer cause there was no more sun that late in the evening, and then stuffed them before bed!

This morning I put the first cloth diaper on my baby! I was amazed at how soft it felt, and how great it looked on her!

Ariella sporting her first cloth diaper!
Ariella sporting her first cloth diaper!

So far she has only worn two of the six. I am doing them every other change, and she is wearing a disposable for naps and bedtime until I get more. Each time she has only wet, but I know the inevitable is coming…:)

For each wet diaper, I have rinsed them immediately and let them hang over the tub to dry a bit. I won’t be washing them again until tomorrow or Thursday. I am hoping that will help with any odor.

Now onto deciding if this is for me. So far, I like what I am seeing and feeling! Haven’t gone through a washing cycle of dirty diapers yet, but that is soon. I also don’t know if I should stick with bumGenius, or mix and match them? Try different brands? Another issue are accessories, or do you need wet/dry bags and the like? I’m not even sure what other items I might need!

More later on in the week when I do more washing!

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  1. I’m not an experience CD person by far, but I have done a lot of research. I read that the Free and Clear detergents often are the worst for residue down the line, so in the long run that may not be the best detergent, but with stripping if problems occur you should survive. And that one may be entirely different and never have an issue!

    This is the best resource by far that I have found discussing all sorts of detergents for CD washing:

  2. Yay! BG’s are a good place to start! I’m loving that hot pink color – that must be new! Ah, new fluff!

  3. Hi Amanda!!

    So cute…I am loving the pics :). I think BG are a great place to start too, you can branch out and try different inserts for nighttime/naptime. I think I told you about the Knickernappies inserts, I love the Superdo 2g for nighttime. I started with just a few cloth diapers, added to my stash as time went on!! I definitely love my diaper sprayer, I found that about 4 months down the line. It is a great accessory to attach to your toilet for a high pressure spray, easy cleanups for those big messes. I also like my travel wet bag for outings. Once you really get a hang of all this, you can also make the switch to reusable wipes! But honestly, you don’t need a lot of stuff…I use a small trash can with lid to store my dirty dipes in “dry pail method” and that is about it!! I will send you some detergent, I just bought a bunch of samples from Rockin Green Soap. I am a country save girl, which you can buy at, but I really like the buzz of Rockin Green Soap!! Can’t wait to read more 🙂

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