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Firefox Personas

Mozilla Labs recently released Personas – an extension which allows you to very quickly reskin your Firefox browser. You can create your own personas and upload them to their Gallery for everyone to download.

It sounded simple enough to do, so I went looking through my photos to see what I have that might work in 3000×200 pixels. I came up with two:

Corpus Christi at Sunset
Corpus Christi at Sunset Firefox Persona

and Italian Alps
Italian Alps Firefox Persona

When added to your browser, it looks like this:
Corpus Christi Persona screen shot

I generally don’t run 4 toolbars in FireFox, so I see quite a bit less of the image than shown in the screen shot. There’s also an issue when I have the All-In-One-Sidebar active, because the skinning doesn’t cover the whole thing – only the first 200 vertical pixels. I’m sure other extensions have their own little conflicts.

They were pretty easy to create (I could do it) with a minimal amount of Photoshopping to get the image focal point in the correct location and then extend the image to the required 3000 pixels. I’m also not generally one to get into the whole reskinning applications, but this extension makes it quick and easy to try on different outfits for your browser, as well as turn them off.

I think I have the first Buffalo-related persona in the gallery! I like that it’s a different way to display my photos, and I’ll certainly have to think about this a bit more when I’m taking photos in the future. I’ll probably crank out a couple more of these after I take another look through my photos. Enjoy!

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