Broadway Market

My Aunt wrote a lovely opinion piece about the olden days of the Broadway Market in today’s Buffalo News.  Please go have a read!

Old Broadway Market A Wonderful Place

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I too remember the Market, albeit a much more modern one than what my Aunt remembers.  My parents always took me on Good Friday, when we were living in Buffalo.  We would get up early and be there by 7:30 or 8 am.  There was never anyplace to park, it was so busy!  I’ll always remember entering from the parking garage and going down into the Market on he escalator.  The view into the Market with all the people always made me wonder how we were going to get through the throngs.

The first place we would always go was Redlinski’s to get a number for our holiday meat purchases.  My Dad would always take two or three numbers so after we had waited for an hour, he would give the other numbers to someone who had just gotten there so they wouldn’t have to wait as long.  While waiting for our number to come up, we would wander through the stands looking for the goodies we wanted to buy.  This included smoked whitefish, (for lunch that day), egg rolls, Broadway Market Famous Cupcakes (the absolute BEST tasting things in the world!), coffee cake and rum babka.  Easter chocolate was always on the list as well.

Sometimes we would have breakfast at the little place right across from Redlinski’s.  It was always the beginning of a very special day.  Over the years, the food stands have become less and less, more of the spaces being filled with crafters or junk sellers.  No lines at these stands.  The crowds are less too.  But, I do understand that things can not stay the same forever, but what is our Daughter going to have special memories of?  “I remember going to Tops before Easter!”  Wow!  What a great and special memory!  I’m glad the Broadway Market is a part of mine.

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  1. I have spoken with ” Aunt Fran” several times and she is a sweetheart.Please tell her I enjoyed her story and that I wish her Happy Holidays:o)

  2. Hi Amanda,

    My name is Christina Abt and I am the host of a radio show called Buffalostyle. This week’s show is about the Broadway Market and I would like to talk to your aunt about her recent column.

    Could you provide me with contact info for her…or email me and I will send you my contact info for her.

    Thanks so much

  3. Your post about the Broadway Market reminds me of Greg Klyma‘s song “Two Degrees In Buffalo”. Of course, it helps that I just saw him at a house concert over the past weekend. There were a good number of Buffalo ex-pats in attendance. The song is available on his myspace page.

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