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Blizzard-like conditions

The radio is talking about blizzard-like conditions in some areas, with 60-70 MPH wind gusts. All the area schools are closed. Tractor trailers are blown over. You must be thinking that with such outrageous conditions that the Skyway is surely closed.

You would be wrong.

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  1. I actually drove over the Skyway on that particular day. And it sucked badly. As a matter of fact, Route 5 was closed (outbound, anyways) at Ridge Road but I don’t know how far towards Hamburg that extended, but that was due more to the blinding snow and zero visibility.

    Somehow, Derek, I knew you’d mention this. 🙂

  2. It wasn’t pleasant driving anywhere that day, and I’m sure the Skyway was no exception. However, someone needs to dispel the myths. I’m like the Skyway Mythbuster. 😉

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