Ok, so the two people who replied to my little game easily saw through my questions and picked the correct answer. Let’s review:

  1. I played high school volleyball – True. I played JV volleyball in high school. Didn’t stick around long enough for varsity since I wasn’t good enough to be in the top six and didn’t feel like spending the season on the bench.
  2. I recreationally water ski – False. I spent one summer afternoon with many, many attempts to get up on the damn things and my record stands at about 4 seconds of uptime. I save my skiing for the winter.
  3. I am a champion target shooter – True. Lancaster had both JV (middle school) and varsity rifle teams. I shot all four years of high school, and shot a 98 prone (out of 100) during the ECIC division VI finals my senior year. Got a patch and everything. 🙂

Thought I’d trip people up on the last one, but no dice. Hope you enjoyed playing!

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