Quiz time

Amanda and I have returned from a wonderful week long vacation! We made three main stops. The previous photos were from one of those locations. These two are from the third location. Bonus points if you can name this place based on these photos. Friends and family who knew where we were going are disqualified!

Amanda @ ?

Derek @ ?

More details and photos about the trip to follow.

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  1. Hi Guys,
    Looks like you made it back home just fine and unfortunately your trip is over. 🙁
    Just wanted to thank you for the interesting converstations we had during your stay with us and make a wild guess on your location. Not sure if your trip took you this far west though. Somehow it reminds me of a similar picture we took a few years ago at Wright’s Falling Water, which was an interesting place.
    Anyway; have fun and keep enjoying life!

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