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Blogs are where the growth in newspapers is

While print newspaper circulation continues to decline, most newspaper publishers across the country have figured out how to counteract that – blogs. Nielsen NetRatings reported that “the number of visitors to the blog pages of the top 10 online newspapers grew 210% in the past year.” Further showing that it’s the strength of the blogs themselves, they qualified that number by saying that unique visitors to the online newspapers themselves grew only 9%.

After cancelling my print subscription to the Buffalo News years ago, I used to just browse the articles online. Lately, I find that I don’t even do that. Without blogs or RSS feeds, going to the site and fumbling through the navigation to find the new articles I’m interested in just isn’t worth my time. With so many local blogs covering just about every aspect of the news that I’m interested in, if there’s an important story in the Buffalo News, one of the blogs will link to it.

Of course, we can’t expect blogs from the Buffalo News when they’re still doing their archaic, once-a-day online update. In an instant, digital age, waiting until tomorrow to get today’s news is simply not acceptable. I know that the writers at the News must be itching for some semblance of forward movement in their online department, and I’m sure many would love to have their own blogs. Trust me, we’d love to read them. Wake me up when it happens.

Update: It seems that I was successfully able to pressure the News and their union in only negative 15 hours! That’s a new record for my blog’s influence!

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  1. I am definitely impressed, but as with all things Buffalo, let’s hope it actualy happens! Until then I think that the blogging news can sometimes be even better than hearing it from the paper or TV. Even though opinions can be just as skewed to left or right by bloggers, I have found that they do seem to be more tolerant of differing opinions than most. The ability to instantly comment on stories is also a plus due to the fact that as things change, updates can occur and differing opinions can be heard from all sides, instead of only the ‘Letters to the Editor’ that the news decides to print.

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