Christmas cards!

This year, we decided to have our own Christmas cards printed. The idea was to put together some photographic highlights of our year. I also encouraged the recipients to stop by the website and say hi, so if that’s why you’re here – leave a comment!

2006 Christmas Card

Since the photos were small and the descriptions brief, allow me to expand on them. Here are links to blog posts about each item:

  1. Oktoberfest @ the Terminal
  2. Times Beach Geocaching
  3. July 4th on the new patio
  4. The Fair – Nothing else to say. Just a shot of my Mom, sister, and Amanda at the Fair. Amanda loves the Fair.
  5. Shanghai Red’s – Having never been to this restaurant on the Buffalo Harbor before, we ended up going there twice this past year for brunch. Nice place, nice scenery, and a nice shot of us for the center of the card.
  6. In the Buffalo News
  7. Visiting the Aquarama
  8. Easter @ the Broadway Market
  9. Camping in the Finger Lakes

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  1. I received a surprise in the mail today:) You made my day HUGS to you both and the happiest of holidays.. God Bless!

  2. Great card! Very original! I’m going to guess that this will be the cutting edge holiday thing that will replace those cheesy letters people you haven’t seen in 9 years send in holiday cards. You know the ones that tell you one year that somebody’s grandson won a skateboarding competition then the next year that same kid lost 7 1/2 teeth and broke his nose skateboarding. Anyway, the point is that card is cutting edge and I’m sure you’re the first to start a new craze.

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