Of Mice and Men

My ongoing saga of mice in the attic continues. After removing #6 and #7, I decided to pick up two more traps since this one at a time seemed to be taking too long. This morning I removed #8, #9, and #10. It doesn’t seem to matter how many you remove, there’s always another one right behind it to step into it’s place and continue to gnaw away at my home.

This is why it’s a good thing that Erie County now has a hard control board. While BuffaloPundit pontificates that this is just replacing an elected political body with a non-elected one, unfortunately it’s what this area needs. Buffalo is a party-line town and the candidates that the parties keep choosing for the masses do nothing but to perpetuate the same stagnation we’ve been in. It’s nearly impossible to boot even the most corrupt and incompetent legislators due to the way the political system in this area works. When youhttp://www.fpanet.org/journal/articles/2006_Issues/jfp0106-art6.cfm
FPA Journal – Personal Financial Ratios: An Elegant Road Map to Financial Health and Retirement do manage to trap and dispose of one, another is right behind it.

While I’m certainly not a fan of taking the control away from the people, maybe this “control period” will give everyone a chance to see what can happen with competent leadership, who’s first response to every economic crisis isn’t “new revenue stream”.

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  1. True. But the control board isn’t a dictatorship. More like a corporate finance department that needs to approve all expenditures.

  2. It answers to no one and can feasibly remain in hard mode for 30+ years, and can dictate without review each and every expenditure the county makes over 50k.

  3. The mice are luckily staying out of the living area and confining themselves to the attic. During the summer we did find two dead ones in the family room that we’re not sure if the cat had something to do with or not.

  4. My dog was petrified of the mouse in our basement… Imagine if someone ever breaks in my house lol

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