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The Google Knows All

I got a good chuckle reading All Things Jennifer’s article about one of her posts showing up on Google Finance, even though it didn’t have much to do with finance. But then that got me thinking… I actually did write a finance related post last week… did that show up on Google Finance? Why, yes it did.

Google Finance Blog Search

The Google Blog Search just plugs right into the Google Finance page. I think that’s a pretty useful tool… especially for small to midsized publically traded companies. What easier way to keep an eye on who is saying what about your company?

I wonder if every individual will someday have their own page on, say, Google Person. Complete convergence! You could read your Gmail, shout out to your peeps with your Google Talk WiFi phone, which will show you who’s nearby because GPS tracking will be able to overlay your location on Google Earth. Since you’ve got a hack on your GooglePhone to Google Alert you to where the nearest Google RepoMan is, you quickly pay your broadband bill with Google GlobalCurrency (think… Euro on a global scale).

Now if you could just figure out how to tweak the new Google DreamAds from inserting a Parrot Bay(tm) Pina Colada into your hand while you’re snoozing and thinking of basking in the sun in on a tropical beach. It should be clear from your Google Person page that you prefer Bahama Mamas. Damn sponsored ads. Oh well. At least another GoogleCent just dropped itself into your GoogleBank account.

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  1. Sounds to me like those GoogleGuys will be spending their GoogleBillions to buy an awful lot of GoogleTime to dream up dream up too many GoogleWorlddominationtools.

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