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Spam of the Week

Sometimes I think Spammers are just misunderstood people. If we would just read more closely and try harder to understand what they’re attempting to tell us, I think we wouldn’t be so adversarial when these slip into our inbox. And so, I launch my “Spam of the Week” column.

This week’s entry comes from “Jerry”. Jerry writes,

“play it’s sister but sad it sheep a pocket , fall ! light on government ! shoe try elastic try insect may government it’s cushion the mass not pipe on snake but high it parallel , wing on stop some slip in wine it circle it’s whip but clock ! rain it trousers basin some girl in stop mixed ! song but female be fly try attempt see tree in harmony on female , or simple it’s suggestion ! glove in bulb see position be cause it’s stick or attack , same may law some military see elastic a degree try store in brass”

Oh, Jerry, come on! “Light on government”? This is New York! We are hardly light on government. Neither shoe, nor elastic, nor insect has proven to be effective against the glacial pace that our bloated government moves. However, I will agree that at least my particular female be quite fly, and having recently returned from the finger lakes wine region with a full case from various wineries, slipping in some wine can be quite entertaining. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some harmony on female to attend to, if you know what I mean. 😉

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