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Spam of the Week 7/23

This week’s Spam Special comes to us from Shadya Brewer, and seems to be a exceprt from The Hobbit…

specially greedy, strong and wicked worm called Smaug. One day he flew up into the air and came south. The first we heard of it was a noise like a hurricane coming from the North, and the pine-trees on the Mountain creaking and cracking in the wind. Some of the dwarves who happened to be outside (I was one luckily -a fine adventurous lad in those days, always wandering about, and it saved my life that day)-well,

Oh Shadya! Don’t leave me hanging like that! I need to know if Smaug lives or dies, and if anyone is able to reclaim his treasure of

B s est S e el b lin b g W o atc v he w s

R u OLE z X
BR w EI k TLI m NG
OM i EG n A
P e ATE x K Ph e ilipp x e and m p any o e ther
Ha l ndbag s s & Pu p rs t es, T d IFF i ANY & CO Je g werl a y

I cheated, and read the spoilers about Smaug at Wikipedia. Those silly Hobbits could have saved themselves near war if they would have just “Or m de o r T x ODA o Y and s w ave 2 z 5 %”.

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