Well, it certainly didn’t take long for a replacement for Media Play to move in.

Albany-based Trans World Entertainment (NASDAQ: TWMC), operators of several music and video chains, signed long-term leases to operate two of the region’s five Media Play stores. Media Play closed its local outlets in January.

The two stores re-opening under the f.y.e. For Your Entertainment name are on Transit Road near Wehrle Drive in Lancaster and at the McKinley Mall in Hamburg.

One less vacant storefront is always good, and a store to fill the void created when Media Play left is even better.

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  1. When it first opened, Media Play was an awesome store that had great prices, especially for a high school student’s budget. The store had a floor layout that was the best I’d ever seen. Over a 10-12 year period, as the popularity of web based sales set it, they slowly went down hill. First it was the prices, then the store layout and knowledge of staff sent them ever so slowly downhill. You could see it coming. There was once ane FYE in Eastern Hills Mall and I wasn’t impressed, as I’d always felt about those type of stores in malls. I can’t wait to see how they do in their very own brick and mortar store.

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