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  1. Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year….

    I did call and leave you a message put never heard from you… I think I am coming home Christmas Day (if I do, it will be a surprise) after Roy goes to work. He wont be home until late anyway so it works out… I am leaving as of right now on the 31st….. I really want to try to get together with you, but not sure of schedule and weather (that may affect when I leave).
    I know the 26th and 27th are out because of family things….. Maybe we could meet up for coffee after work (are you off at all during the week?) I also know that Ems has a ring that they both picked out, so I know she prob. will be getting engaged sometime soon. He has grown on me so that is ok… If she’s happy, Im happy….
    Well have a happy holiday and tell your family the same…I will talk to you soon ….

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