Blast From the Past

I was just sitting here looking at the picture I have on my desktop at the moment. It is from our vacation to Maine/New Hampshire two years ago, showing a winding country road where our Bed and Breakfast was. I started to wonder what our (hopeful) children will think about it someday which got me thinking about the enormous amounts of photos and video we have from vacations, Weddings and other special occasions. What will it be like rummaging through all our stuff after we’ve passed on for them? There will be so many memories that we have captured on film and video that they won’t even know where to begin. My parents have about 15 photo albums and that is not counting all the photos that never made it in! Since digital technology the number of pictures we take has increased enormously, so will all these memories we treasure be forgotten eventually? Or treasured for what they meant to us? I think on that trip we took over 300 pictures alone. That is not including all the pictures we take at Christmas, other Holidays and other trips. I just can not imagine how many pictures we take. We enjoy looking at them from time to time and I have put many of our trips onto a digital video complete with music and captions which makes it more fun, not to mention easier, to look at. I also have many scrapbooks started to travel through the life Derek and I have begun to build together. In time, with enough technology people will be able to relive entire lifetimes with the push of a button instead of just fragments of time frozen in a picture frame.
I don’t know why I started thinking this, I guess I am just amazed at how much has changed from the short time I have been alive and how much more it will change. Whatver the case may be, I am never going to stop documenting our life together. Every love-filled, goofy moment of it!!

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