Jazz & Ants

Neither of these really warrants it’s own post, so…

Hella cool! DirecTV started carrying BET Jazz (now called BET J) as of today! I caught this station when I was down in San Antonio in December and thought it was great there was a jazz channel. Unfortunately, it looks like since they’ve “reinvented themselves as BET J” they’re not only playing jazz anymore. “We’re broadening our programming to include classic R&B, neosoul, more Caribbean music and lifestyle shows.” Eh. Should have stuck with the jazz.

And WTF is up with ants in my office in the past week? I’ve killed about 20 of them all in different places. Over the weekend I ripped apart my office and cleaned it pretty thoroughly and I didn’t see any concentration of ants anywhere so I have no idea where they might be coming from, or why they’re only in my office.

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  1. Do you share a wall with a person who keeps food in their office? I do. He’s the kind of guy with 3 candy dishes on his desk and a drawerful of pretzels, cheesy poofs, and various unwashed dishes. His office is a dump and the ants have started spreading…

  2. I should have clarified that this is my home office, and I share a wall with my wife’s office. She’s a bit messy but I don’t think she’s harboring an ant farm. 😉

  3. I wish I shared a wall with my wife…sure would beat sharing walls with Jack the filthy pig and Girish the guy who eats the most horribly foul smelling food this side of the Atlantic.

    I work at a bank, not the flea market!

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