Neon Deere

And now for something completely different…

So, back when I owned my Eclipse I bought all these neon lights.  When I traded it in, I pulled them all out and they were shoved in a box doing nothing.  Last year I had the brilliant idea of throwing them on my John Deere LA145.  It has all these air intakes and I thought the red neons would make it look angry… like the engine was ready to spit fire.

I never got around to taking pics of it, but John Deere was asking on their Facebook page for fan photos, and I thought this was a good excuse to finally do it.

My wireless flash trigger was being a total PITA, so aside from the photo with me in it which has the flash on camera shooting through a grid, the others are all long exposures with me hand-holding and manually triggering the flash.

Derek's Deere 1

Derek's Deere 2

Derek's Deere 3

Derek's Deere 4

Derek's Deere 5

Derek's Deere 6

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