When what to my wondering eyes should appear

…but a Mary Kunz Goldman, ne’er holding a beer!

Mary Kunz Goldman w/Broadway Fillmore Alive

Yes, MKG showed up to interview the members of Broadway Fillmore Alive and the people who showed up for Alive Night 1.5. She seemed genuinely interested in the project and spent an extensive amount of time (at least two and half hours, until the point that we left) taking copius amounts of notes.

Alive Night went really well. A dozen or so people came out (in addition to the Arty’s regulars) to talk East Side. Good talk, good times, good drinks. What more could you ask for?

And as we were leaving, we had this to gaze at…
Central Terminal at Night

One thought on “When what to my wondering eyes should appear”

  1. Very clever, Derek! 🙂

    I had a great time and yes, it was very nice that Mary came and was very genuine in her enthusiasm. She even mentioned wanting to join BFA! She and her husband were very nice and we talked for at least another half hour outside after you and Amanda left. I can’t wait to see the article! It should be in Monday’s News. Thanks for coming last night guys!

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