The mystery of the missing mousetrap

Someone call the Hardly Boys! After my Saturday adventures in the attic, I picked up two mouse traps from Home Depot, baited them with peanut butter, and stuck them in the attic. Monday evening there were two dead mice in the attic. I disposed of them and reset the traps. Went up to check today… and there was only one dead mouse… and only one trap. The other was nowhere to be found in the attic.

The mice are on to me. They’ve managed to secure and remove one of my Weapons of Mice Destruction and take it back to their command center for further analysis. I’m proceeding with my North Korea defense and letting the mice know via this blog entry that I’m sorry about my weapons test. I was just kidding. I have no plans for another test. I would encourage the mice to very closely inspect any weapon remnants I’ve left in the attic with fresh, yummy peanut butter on them. Peace. 🙂

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