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Terminal fans… from England!

I’ve been having a hard time keeping up with all the blogs lately, so I completely missed this piece from BuffaloBlogger, whose in-laws were in town from England and ranked the Central Terminal at the top of their vacation memories list.

This ladies and gentlemen was their highlight. This grand old building that so many people are working hard to utilize and keep clean was the highlight of a two week vacation in New York state. I mention this because it was their amazement at this building (they compared it to what they saw when viewing Grand Central in NY) that was very cool to see. (Please keep in mind that they thought Buffalo was a town with 1,000 people and two traffic lights before they came here) Maybe it’s just me but after everything they saw, it was really great to hear something like that.

It made me proud. (And to all those keeping the terminal going… nice job.)

Thanks for the compliments! Come back anytime. If I get a few free minutes this weekend, I’m going to re-propose that the next Buffalo Bloggercon is held at the Terminal’s Oktoberfest event, September 23rd.

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