Starting the Easter Traditions

Two of our Easter traditions are going to the Broadway Market and to Galley’s Nursery for flowers.

Ariella tries the Famous Broadway Market Horseradish [bottle]

The Market was much more navigable today than on Holy Saturday, when we usually go. We picked up some sausage, pierogis, and a butter lamb from Camellia’s. I’ve always been partial to Wardynski’s, but Camellia’s sausage has a great, distinct flavor of it’s own. I highly recommend it! On our way over to Broadway Seafood for some smoked whitefish, we ran into Bishop Kmiec! He gave Ariella a quick blessing before I even thought to snap a photo. Then it was off to the E.M. Chrusciki Bakery for baked goods.

E.M. Chrusciki Bakery in the Broadway Market

We also picked up some honey and a couple of Dyngus Day Buffalo t-shirts (two for $10 is a steal!) and we were on our way!

Leaving the Broadway Market

We made a quick stop at Galley’s nursery on Clinton St. in Gardenville, within eyeshot of the Central Terminal, for some flowers.

Amanda and Ariella looking at the flowers

Then it was back home for a quick breather before Holy Thursday mass. Holy Week is a busy one for us, but this year I was [not in India and] able to take off a couple extra days and spend it with my girls, which believe it or not, is more fun than being in India. 🙂

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