Color correction

Our continuing quest to de-blue the house took another huge leap forward yesterday with the repainting of the deck. See, the previous owners of the house had a fetish for this particular shade of blue, which was used… well… on pretty much any paintable surface. We’ve been slowly working to change that and add a few splashes from other locations on the color wheel.



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  1. Other items in the house that were/are blue: Bathroom (to the extent that they actually colored in marker all the little grooves in the wainscoting and I do mean ALL of them, even on the doors of the medicine chest hanging above the toilet), downstairs bathroom linoleum, kitchen wallpaper and wall, kitchen counter tops, curtains in living room (all of which have now been replaced), porch rug, house number sign near road, and the mailbox. A very nice Rubbermaid mailbox, painted the same color blue as the deck which is now chipping off. Did I miss anything?

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