Eclipse gets tweaked, looses ghetto booty

Autoblog has a preview of the 2009 Eclipse refresh. Finally gone is the big, monochrome ass that was resurrected with the 4G, which I thought was the biggest styling flaw of the current generation Eclipse. Instead, they’ve replaced it with a more visually pleasing two-toned bumper with a slight flareout that mates perfectly with the side lines on the car. It also gets a more Evo-looking front end, which I’m not as crazy about, but it goes with the overall theme.

2009 Eclipse refresh

Occasionally, I miss my old Eclipse. But the WRX is far more suited to my current driving needs. Out here on these country roads, every day seems like a drive on a rally course. I just hope I never end up like these WRX rally drivers.

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  1. I would hope not to end up like the deer they hit. The drivers will get over it: the deer will not.

    I get a kick out of the passenger giving the driver instructions and coordinates, like they’re flying the space shuttle.

    The new eclipse is cool looking. I’ll have to get down to the Auto Show over the next couple of days.

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