Heat wave

January 3rd, and no snow in sight for Buffalo. Damn it, Denver! You’re spoiling our fun!

Poor Kissing Bridge has missed both the Christmas and New Year’s holidays. Unless we have snow until June, I imagine it’s going to be a bit of a financial let down this year for them.

Trail Name 





Central Area         Closed.
Thunder Run            x  
Hemlock Branch            x  
Hemlock            x  
Mistletoe             x    
Candy Cane             x      
Holly              x   
Twist             x  
North Shuttle           x  
South Shuttle               x  
Rooster Run          x  
Eagle             x    
Eagles Nest            x  
Twister          â—Šâ—Š           x  
Coal Chute             x    as temps permit
Terrain Park         â—Šâ—Š        x    as temps permit
Devils Funnel          â—Šâ—Š         x  
EZ Rider               x  
World Of Your Own          â—Šâ—Š         x  
Candy Cane       x  
North Area            Closed
Moment Of Truth                 x  
Glade           x  
Dealers Choice        x  
Blackjack          â—Šâ—Š         x  
Crazy 8’s 
Slalom Run          x  
Glen Woods              x  
Exhibition             x  
Dream           x  
Snoopy              x  as temps permit
South Area         Closed today
Woods Trail           x  n/a    Note. closed @ night
Outside Edge            x  n/a    Note. closed @ night
Snow Ball              x  n/a
Shindig               x  n/a
Twinkle             x  n/a
Lower Shuttle           x  n/a

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  1. Hopefully they aren’t like Greek Peak, trying to sell a zillion new Condos with only two trails open.

    I went on christmas eve. I had a great time, but it would have been a huge disappointment if I’d had to pay more than a canned good.

    My local place in VA is actually open and holding steady with 2 trails and the bunny hill. I think Southern resorts actually have an advantage in years like this, they always have to make as much snow as possible to survive, so they budget for it.

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