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Democrat victory likely a win for net neutrality, possibly poker

Even conservatives like myself can find some solace in the Democrat’s recent rise to power. An article on TheStreet.com discusses the likelihood that the tipping of the political scales will likely mean that net neutrality will be preserved.

The House of Representatives passed a version of the bill that was stripped of net neutrality language months ago, but the Senate bill hit a snag when it received a split vote in the Commerce Committee and Democrats threatened to filibuster if net neutrality provisions were not added in.

After the Democratic Party’s victories in the mid-term elections, chairmanships in the relevant committees in both houses likely will change hands, and many of the Republicans who opposed net neutrality will be looking for a new line of work.

Today’s USATODAY.com highlighted a renewed effort to get the new Congress to reverse the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act that was tacked onto the Safe Port Act six weeks ago. While that prospect is more unlikely than the preservation of net neutrality, it’d sure be welcomed by this member of the Poker Player’s Alliance.

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