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Central Terminal approach repaved!

This is already “old” news, but I thought I’d mention it anyways… the Paderewski Drive approach to the Central Terminal (that’s the part between the circle and where the parking lot officially begins) has been repaved!

Buffalo Central Terminal approach repaved
Photo by Nathan Vester

If you’ve been to the Terminal before, you’ll really appreciate the fact that driving up to the Terminal no longer resembles a test track for a Hummer! If you’ve never been there before, you can still appreciate a smooth, non pothole laden road in Buffalo.

Come see for yourself at our first ever model train show on September 10th, the Buffalo Brewfest on the 16th, or Oktoberfest/Bloggercon V on September 23rd!

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  1. I was on the East Side a few days ago and took a ride by to check out the newly paved approach. It is a huge improvement and drastically improves first impressions when driving up to the Terminal. I will miss the feeling that I’m running an obstacle course with my car, that was kind of fun 😉

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