Making music

Amanda and I have been busy the past two weeks or so preparing some music to perform at my Aunt’s wedding Saturday. We’re hoping to be able to record it soon after and put it up here. This should make Chris Byrd very happy, as he’s bugged me several times to write more music and put it up here. These won’t be original songs, but they are my arrangements and Amanda and I performing. Stay tuned for that!

In the meantime, in case you’ve never visited my music page, here’s the song Amanda and I recorded for our wedding – Come What May from Moulin Rouge.

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  1. It was very cool to be dancing a coreographed dance to you and your new Husband singing to each other. Our thank you gifts to everyone were CD\’s of all the music from the Wedding and everyone we talk to says they love our rendition of it and that they like it even better than the original. That is so cool! It\’s so nice to be Married to another great singer, I only wish we did more of it together! 🙂

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