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Buffalo Central Terminal Status Report

Mike Miller posts a progress report on the Central Terminal, with all our major accomplishments to date:

– The 4 exterior clocks have been fixed and relit.

– The tower is now lit at night.

– 300 tons of debris was removed from the concourse and tower 1st floor.

– More than 4,000 tower/office windows were resealed with plexiglas and plywood.

– Fences and alarm systems help prevent access from unwanted intruders and vandals.

– Flat roofs, end caps and entrance canopy roofs were fixed.

– 3 concourse kiosks cleaned of debris and put back in use during events.

– The ticket agent office, Red Cap room, tailor shop, shoe store, baggage check room and train concourse exit have all been removed of debris and returned to use.

– The tower’s first floor staircases and rooms have all been removed of debris and returned to use.

– The north mezzanine has had railings reinstalled and has been cleaned and returned to use.

– Hundreds of broken window panes have been removed within the concourse.

– Grounds have been cleaned of debris, lawns are maintained and more than 60 new trees and flowers have been planted.

– The traffic circle has been landscaped and is being maintained by the Buffalo Federation of Women’s Clubs.

– M&T Bank awarded us $25,000 to purchase the original concourse clock.

– Several smaller artifacts have been returned: drinking fountain, clockworks, door knobs, kiosk signs, elevator signs, arrival signs and exit signs.

– More important artifacts have been located: concourse entrance lamps, sconce lamps, lobby lamps, mail box.

– Over 65,000 people, some from all over the world, have visited the Central Terminal in over 30 different public events.

– We have raised more than $200,000 in funding through public and private donations. 100% of that money goes to the project, with the majority of the funding dedicated to further preservation and maintenance (this does not include grant funding).

All of these facts prove to me that average people can perform miracles when they work together! And it also proves to me that we are Buffalo’s favorite all-volunteer restoration project!

Average people can make a big difference in any situation, even if it involves taking on the ownership and rehabilitation of a massive structure such as the Terminal. Granted a lot of people think that success for us is having it completely restored and in use again in some capacity, and while that is the ultimate goal, it’s important not to overlook each accomplishment on the way there. The progress made so far is pretty damn impressive for a bunch of individuals with a little time to spare and who ask nothing in return.

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  1. Some older gentleman at Free Buffalo on Saturday actually suggested to me that the place was a “pile of rubble” that needed to be torn down. Not that that is the first time I’ve heard that or anything, but it made me think: how can we get the message out about what is going on at the terminal?

    I’d like to spend some time at our next meeting talking about pumping ourselves up more with advertising our accomplishments. We’ve been far too modest and unassuming. People need to see that they actually can make a difference, and what better place to demonstrate that but with the monstrous job we’ve taken on at the terminal! Put your thinking caps on, guys, we’ll be trying a new campaign angle!

  2. My wife and I had the privilege of removing some of the window panes in May. There is not a better way to vent one’s frustration with the world than with a hammer and glass. I am recommending the Terminal cleanup to all as a way to make a difference.
    When is the next one?

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